Friday, 3 August 2012

Ink Stains

I love different types of art mediums, but I must say that one of my favourites is ink. Ink suits my style as it’s just right for mixed media pictures (which I enjoy) and doesn’t have to be perfectly detailed. It is lots of fun. I either first mix it with water or put the water on the page and then add the ink (which makes a really cool effect). When I use ink, I usually add either charcoal or grey pencil to the picture to give it more detail as I did to the ones below:

A Cloudy Day- Ink and charcoal

Abigail-Ink and Charcoal

The Wrecked Voyager- Ink and pencil

Joel- Ink and charcoal

Walking in the rain- Ink and pencil

I love doing black and white portraits in ink, as I did with Abigail and Joel (I have no idea what their real names are, by the way, I just sometimes give my portraits names. Weird, I know). Ink is also nice because it’s quick, messy (I like getting ink on my hands for some reason), and the results are usually rewarding. 


  1. They are SO beautiful! Awesome job, Jessie. I love ink pictures, too, but I find that it's not my thing. As in, seeing other peoples ink creations make me happy, but I can't do it myself.
    Tane x ♥