~The Dreamer~

I am a 17 year-old girl born and raised in the beautiful country of South Africa. I come from a loud family of seven and have two brothers and two sisters. I was homeschooled but finished my AS-levels last year and am currently taking a gap year. The most important thing you need to know about me is that I live for Jesus Christ and love Him with all my heart. My purpose on this earth is to live a life that brings Him glory. Here are 15 facts about me:

1.     I LOVE anything chocolate; hot chocolate, smarties, milo, chocolate tarts, brownies, chocolate cookies, etc.
2.     I love writing- stories, poetry, non-fiction- and want to be a writer- journalist, novelist or something to do with writing.
3.     Books are one of my weaknesses- I love books, reading them, buying them and going to second-hand book stores is a tradition. I am attempting to reach my goal of having enough books to full a study by the time I am 25 so that I can have my own small library. J
4.     My favourite flowers are white daisies and Barberton daises (or gerberas as they are more commonly known as).
5.     I love art; I can draw for hours. When I draw, time slips blissfully away and my mind runs to a world of its own....
6.     I love nature; it’s one of God gifts to me. I love to go for long walks outside, watch beautiful sunsets, and see picturesque sights.
7.     I am happiest during a fun time of good, intelligent conversation, games, witty jokes and laughter with a small crowd of people.
8.     One of my dreams is to go to Europe and visit the beautiful towns, nature spots and sights all over the continent. Hopefully this year that dream will come true.
9.     I love beauty and colour; they fill me with a joy and peace I can’t express.
10. Inside, I’m a very adventurous and “wild” (in a good way) person, who longs for adventure and something different.
11. I love music- listening and singing along to in the confines of my room.
12. Laughter is a gift from above; I must say that those rare people who naturally have everyone in fits of laughter are priceless.
13. I’m very passionate about justice. As many of my followers know, modern-day slavery is a topic I talk often about. I believe everyone needs to stand together to abolish slavery once and for all. Among many things, other issues that make my blood boil with righteous anger are gender and racial prejudices (or inequality), abortion, child abuse, poverty and rape.
14. I can be a rather crazy person; it makes life more interesting.
15. I am a misfit because I choose not to compromise and follow the crowd. I have chosen not only the life of a Christian, but that of a Jesus freak. I will risk being different to live the life Jesus has planned for me. This is my mission.

      ~Jess Leigh


  1. I love your blog, Jess Leigh. :)

  2. Hello! I just discovered your blog and love it! It looks like we have some things in common - we both like art, profess to be Christians and love to write, to name a few!

    Lovely blog and keep it up!

    Leah Kathryn