Thursday, 23 August 2012


For all the babies whose lives have been ended prematurely by the choice of their parents.

Unwanted they come, unwanted they go,
Their tiny heartbeats are not treasured
Nor their precious lives cherished; no
Instead they are seen as a problem
That needs to be destroyed, although
The heart of God is forever breaking

They grow in a dark and unseen place
That is meant to be safe, but instead
Is a hole of coming pain and un-grace.
Unloved, they leave the leave the world with hardly
A catch of light nor a glimpse of another’s face,
Their cries unheard and their tears unseen.

The ending of their heart’s tiny beat
Is accepted and justified as right by many,
Who feel not the fear nor the complete
Pain of the unseen ones who suffer in silence,
Their heartbeats ignored and their lives discreet
By the choice of those who carry them.

In this world, there is no resting place; none
At all for those who shall never have
The chance to live, laugh nor run
Nor to love, sing, speak or behold beauty,
But shall pass on as an unwanted one,
Their hearts stopped before their lungs’ first breath.

There is One who loves them still,
Whose heart is breaking in two over each stilled life.
He shall gather them to His Kingdom’s hill,
And cherish and love and delight in them there;
With all of His Fatherly heart, He will
Protect each heartbeat that others had cast aside.


  1. Hey Jess:)
    That was really great, thanx for posting it!

    xx Debz

  2. I enjoy reading your posts Jess! I awarded you the "Liebster Blog" award on my blog! If you want to check it out and do the tags, that would be great!


  3. Thank you for your kind comments! Thank you, Eli, for awarding me! I really appreciate it, but I don't really do awards on my blog, but thanks all the same! :)