Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pencil Drawings

-The Bohemian Musician



-Scarred Childhood

-Unseen Tears

-What My Eyes Say

Friday, 7 September 2012

Tear Drops

For parents who have had to bury a child
The moment the words met her ears
The mother fell to her knees without a say.
Something so heavy crashed upon her;
The weight of a sorrow that neither tears
Nor time shall ever carry away.

The loss of a young child
Is something none can fathom nor explain.
No mother should have to lay to rest
Her child; it is something that makes one wild
With unrelenting sorrow and pain.

How does one endure such loss, since
It has left one desolate, shocked, in the hole
Of despair, with no light to guide you home?
How does life continue when the absence
Of a loved one pierces the very soul?

Loss such as this causes the mother’s tear drops
To fall silently in her shattered world, where
She sees her child all around her.
Haunting her in sights, smells and shops
Are glimpses of a beloved childish pose and well-known eyes and hair.

Flitting about her is a precious record
Of a loved one who has passed on into
A better life, where she cannot now follow,
But instead must move onward,
Trying to see beauty in a horrific view

Amidst the harrowing pain and
Never-ending sorrow, is a comforting Presence,
Who is there to help her persevere.
He holds her in the loving palm of His hand,
And catches each tear drop that falls into the surrounding silence.