Friday, 27 July 2012

A Land of Day Dreams

Written by Jess Leigh
I forgot what I was doing,
I forgot where I was
And, in a small way, I forgot who I was.

My mind played games with me;
Tricks as some might say.
It whispered strange stories in my ears.

Then it whisked me away on adventures,
It took me to places none had been,
To paths not travelled upon.

Eyes wide open, yet wholly unseeing,
I was no longer there;
My spirit was soaring on invisible wings.

I went to lands none can know.
Of my inmost thoughts and wild ventures,
I can reveal nothing to a soul.

To I alone do they have meaning,
To I alone does my mind speak
And carry away to another, unknown world.

There, none can touch nor harm me,
There my imaginations run wild
And the inventions of mine mind are free.

Where my mind takes me are others,
Others like me, and yet so dissimilar from me;
Others only I know; my friends alone.

With a pinch, with a word, with a shove
The visions fade and I am brought back again,
Only to return to my world at another time.

Can anyone guess the theme of this poem?