Friday, 14 December 2012

A Scorching Tyrant

Oh the blistering rays of the summer sun
Beating against my head and eyes;
Whilst my brain fries and my energy is sapped
The sun shines bright with menacing glee.

The scorching heat is too much for me,
It weighs me down like a burden on my back.
Yet the African Sun has no mercy;
It torments those who are utterly defenceless.

Summer is like a tyrant reigning
For as long and harsh as possible.
Summer is like a cruel master,
Casting loads too heavy to bear.

Summer gives no grace to those who wish
For inspiration and consolation,
But instead clutches them in his hot fingers,
Not letting go until clouds and rain and Autumn save the         

Who loves thee, Oh African Summer?
Perhaps those who have much electrical wind inside
And deep, cool waters outside;
Perhaps those who eccentrically find heat a blessing.

But for us who feel it as a curse
Have to bear up under the weight
Of the scorching summer fire
Until the leaves wilt and turn brown and the wind begins to    

P.S. My apologies to those who love summer; we are all different, so I hope you don’t mind me expressing my own opinion on summer, even if you don’t agree ;). 


  1. I love it!! (Yes, summer is too hot... =P) :)

  2. Great work, Jessie! Sometimes I love Summer, sometimes I hate it. But I think that Spring suits me best of all!
    Tane ♥